EARL BISS Master Oil Painter (1947-1998)


Experiences with Earl Biss

The Spirit Who Walks Among His People

Written in Cooperation with Earl Biss

AUTHOR: Lisa Gerstner


Lisa Gerstner has keen interest in how spiritual forces shape and influence cultures, the arts, and individuals in daily life. She has found that just beyond the known, beyond the emotions and the mind – within the core of Soul – is where the creative current resides. This fascination with the spiritual pulse naturally embedded within the creative impulse is what drew her to the dynamic and mystical Crow artist, Earl Biss.


Equipped with a Master of Science in Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University Online, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Concentration in Painting from Kansas State University, Lisa applies these creative interests in writing, painting, music composition, and film production. Film work includes co-producing and film scoring Girls on Purpose and co-producing Openings: The Search for Harry. Lisa is producer/director for the forthcoming Earl Biss Documentary. She lives in Louisville, Colorado.   LisaGerstner.com


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324 pages, 175 Illustrations

Award-Winning Finalist in both the Art and Biography categories of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest


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